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We're on a mission to build an online center to reach those in need. This is an ongoing fundraising effort.

We’re creating an online space where anyone from around the world can come and receive the help and attention that they need. Our online center will be an interactive site that offers programs, activities and community. We’re excited at the prospects of providing a place where those in need will have 24hr access to these necessary assets of hope.



We believe it’s important for anyone in need to have a place to go where they can express themselves and find others to commune with especially remotely via online access.

  • Builds a sense of community
  • Creates a supportive environment
  • Your 100% donation goes to this online center
  • You’ll be helping us to help others

Adam’s Hope House advocates for individuals and families who are combating the ramifications of emotional crisis and/or mental illness by crafting a community based therapeutic environment.


Every life saved or affected in a positive way counts. That’s why every dollar counts towards helping us fulfill our mission to Restore Hope and Save Lives. We have a dedicated staff of Core Facilitators that are working daily to ensure that any person in need has an outlet to wellness. With the addition of our online center we’ll be able to help people all around the globe. Thank you kindly for your donation today. It means everything…